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Koga Sensei sitting in front of the whiteboard, at the Fuji Japanese Language School Fukuoka in 2018.
Koga Sensei in 2018
Logo of the Fuji Japanese Language School FukuokaThe various questions and answers on this page have also been helpful to students after enrollment at the °»Fuji Japanese Language School Fukuoka°…, so we recommend both our prospective and current students to look over the content on this page, to get a better understanding of our methods, and procedures.

A1: Yes. Over 60 countries have a visa waiver agreement with Japan, allowing passport holders of certain countries to enter Japan for up to 90 days. Passport holders of some countries can even have their length of stay in Japan extended to 180 days. If you are not a passport holder of one of these countries, it may be possible to enter Japan on a 90 day tourist visa.

A2: No. The °»Fuji Japanese Language School Fukuoka°… does not provide a letter of acceptance, or any other documents to apply for a student visa.

A3: Yes. Our one-on-one Japanese lessons are ideal for international students, who wish to become better at speaking Japanese. Our private one-on-one lessons allow our international students to directly ask, or answer questions. This one-on-one communication in the classroom is optimal for improving one°«s Japanese conversation skill.

A4: The "Fuji Japanese Language School Fukuoka" teaches students of varying Japanese language abilities. Beginner students who have studied with us for over fifty hours can achieve Japanese communication proficiency that will be useful in various daily life settings, and work. The student will be able to read basic signs, posters, and flyers. It will also be possible to read books written for young children. Filling out basic paperwork requested by government offices or hospitals will also be possible.

A5: It is not only our goal to enhance our students°« overall Japanese proficiency, but also for them to pass the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (J.L.P.T.). Through the teaching of speaking, reading, writing, listening, and grammar of the Japanese language, our students gain a well-balanced, and broad knowledge of the Japanese language, which is key to obtaining the highest possible score on the J.L.P.T.

A6: To prevent any miscommunication, the application, and the scheduling of lessons are conducted through e-mail in English with Otis, the owner of the school. You can contact Otis through the e-mail address below.

A7: If you have any matters of concern regarding the lessons, we recommend that you e-mail the owner of the °»Fuji Japanese Language School Fukuoka°…, Otis, and inform him of your thoughts in English. Otis can communicate with the teacher to best resolve any issues that may arise. You can contact Otis through the e-mail address below.

A8: Besides the lesson fee, you will asked to purchase your own copy of the textbook. The teacher will provide you with the necessary information on which textbook to purchase. However, besides the lesson fee and textbook fee, the student will not be asked to pay any other fees such as an administration fee, or an application fee.

A9: Send an e-mail to the owner of the °»Fuji Japanese Language School Fukuoka°…, Otis, and inform him of your wish to change to our online Japanese language course. Otis will then explain what steps for you to take next.

A10: Withdrawing, or taking a leave of absence from the °»Fuji Japanese Language School Fukuoka°… is easy for the students, since we only accept tuition payments in sets of four, or eight lessons, so there are no long term commitments. However, we do ask our students to inform us beforehand of their intent to withdraw or take a leave of absence.

If you have any questions that weren't answered on this page, then don't hesitate to contact us.



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